Rollohalli – Indoor freestyle activity park!


  • 3 x Supertrampolines, 5 smaller trampolines with trampoline walls
  • 12m trampoline track
  • Airtrack and Airtrick
  • 2 foampit, spring floor
  • Indoboard balance boards
  • Ball game area
  • Ninja Warrior obstacle course
  • Big Air ramp



15€ ticket. Ticket is valid until you leave Rollohalli.

18€(Rollohalli and HopLop Rovaniemi)


Normal opening hours:

Monday – Sunday 10.00 – 20.00



  1. Pay attention to these rules and follow instructions given by the staff at all times
  2. Jumpers under the age of 7 must be supervised at all times by a parent or responsible adult person. Make sure your kids knows the rules and is able to follow them.
  3. All customers use the park at their own risk
  4. Every person using activities must pay the entrance fee. Free for adults who only supervise their kids
  5. Empty your pockets and remove jewelry before jumping. Safety lockers work with 1€ coin
  6. Only water permitted at Rollohalli. No eating while jumping, please enjoy food/snacks/sodas at HopLop’s restaurant area. No own food/snacks
  7. Under no circumstances, people under the influence of alcohol or drugs are allowed to use the park
  8. Respect the staff and other customers. Help others when needed. No bad language or bullying. Do not interfere others while they are jumping
  9. We have no flip limitations, but remember never to attempt any skills or activity outside of your personal limitations, abilities or skill level
  10. Never land on your head or neck
  11. Remember to rest and drink enough water. Please do not rest on landing areas or next to other activities
  12. Anyone failing to follow the directions or instructions of the staff will be asked to leave the facility
  13. You are allowed to jump without socks. Remember to wear socks when you go back to restaurant or HopLop area
  14. Rollohalli and HopLop Rovaniemi are located at the same hall. Please see HopLop rules from:


Rules for activities:


  • Learn how to stop safely. You can stop the bounce by bending your knees as you touch down on the trampoline.
  • One person per trampoline at a time. Always wait outside the black and yellow safety padding, Avoid landing and jumping on padding
  • You are allowed to use small landing mats on trampolines
  • No lying or sitting on the trampolines
  • No jumping from trampoline to another trampoline, no double bounce

Trampoline walls:

  • If you can’t run or jump up the wall, you should not jump down from it
  • Using clean shoes while jumping on trampoline walls is allowed
  • Ensure there is no one else on the trampoline before jumping off the wall
  • Using clean shoes while jumping on trampoline walls is allowed

Trampoline track:

  • One jumper at a time. Wait for your turn on the yellow block
  • Move away from landing area after jumping


  • Always wait for your turn and check that pit is free for jumping
  • No diving to pit head first. Stomach drops also not recommended
  • Exit the pit as soon as possible, do not hide or bury yourself or any other in the pit.
  • No picking the foam cubes
  • Always spread your knees when landing in the pit feet first to avoid hitting your head to your knees


  • Always keep your pockets empty from any objects such as keys, phones e.g.
  • Notice the corners and sides of airtracks can be a lot softer than top of the airtrack
  • No shoes allowed on airtracks

Spring floor:

  • You can move blocks and landing mats around the spring floor area. But please leave everyone some free space to practice their own things
  • Using clean shoes on spring floor allowed

Floorball area:

  • Look out for other players and give way to the smaller ones
  • Remember not to raise the floorball sticks too high

Ninja Warrior obstacle course:

Rules will be posted when the activity is opened.

Big Air slide:

  • Keep your whole body on the blanket
  • Climb up only using stairs
  • More than one person can use the blanket at the time
  • Banned sliding styles: Standing and sitting your back facing forward

Big Air:

  • Jumping only with blades, scoot, skate or BMX/Dirt bike. All the equipment’s must be clean
  • Using only under staff surveillance and permission.
  • During rush hours the use of Big Air can be restricted


Usefull information and tips for more safe jumping:

  • We recommend wearing indoor sport clothing and having a water bottle with you.
  • Safety lockers work with 1€ coin.
  • Remember to do warm up, slowly progress from easier tricks to harder ones.
  • Always keep eyes open when doing tricks
  • Jump in the middle of trampolines
  • Bend your knees to stop the bounce on trampolines